Accounts Receivable Service

We are the one-stop place if you are looking for accounts receivable management services for your organization. At Accounting Byte, our clients are assigned an individual who will be available to resolve any issues related to these services.

Our receivable management experts are industry specialists at their job and perform the accounts receivable factoring so efficiently that your organization will never face any possible error.

About our Account Receivable Service

Account receivable is a tough task when you assign it to people who aren’t aware of how to proceed with things. Our team of experts will help you manage the flow of revenue through the collection process.

The individually assigned expert will be responsible for handling all transactions related to the organization’s AR. We take charge of performing all tasks like invoicing customers, tracking payments, doing payment follow-ups, and even checking customer credits.

Account Receivable Services

Why Hire Us for Account Receivable Services?

When you hire us to provide you with account receivable services,

  • Our experts are always available to you for advice and guidance.
  • You can see a significant amount being saved on infrastructure.
  • When you hire for receivable management services, you can see improved metrics for your organization.
  • Your in-house employees get to focus on the core business-related activities.
  • By the time, hire a full-time professional. They’ll have a system or motion to work on.
  • We will help your organization achieve growth.
  • You get to enjoy fully-fledged customer care, that is available for you anytime.
  • We have access to the best tools as well as advanced technology to manage the entire process.
  • Hiring us gives you access to better invoice and credit risk management.
  • An integrated system for billing and collection of revenue.
  • We help you achieve a reduced DSO while increasing the cash flow.

The Accounts Receivable Services We Provide

There are a bunch of things that we provide under our account receivable services,

Generating Invoicing

Our team of experts helps you do invoice generation. An invoice is a document that records everything from what product was delivered to the customer, its total amount, and the method it was paid. It could be either physical or electronic.

Generating Invoicing
Managing Customer Accounts

Managing Customer Accounts

When you hire us, we will help you maintain and manage the accounts of your customers. From what amount is due to what is to be paid, especially once the invoice is generated we can reflect it directly in their accounts.

Payment Collection

We will help collect the payments from customers from portals and also remind them that their payment is due and yet to be paid. This is done through mail and the portal of your company.

Payment Collection
Deductions & Posting Receipts

Deductions & Posting Receipts

Our team is responsible for making all the needed deductions according to federal and local laws, and then assisting them with cash applications and receipts. We also send them payment confirmations.

Fair Credit Risk

Credit risk is the case when someone is unable to pay a loan, as an organization it is required to check whether your customers have a bad paying history. But we are here to save you from losing your money, so our experts check the credit risks involved with all the customers.

Fair Credit Risk

How We Proceed With Accounts Receivable Services?

We are the number one provider of receivable management services, and we do it in a simplified and authentic way. Our main work is to get the cash in the business, we do it by receiving the financial data from the organization.

Later, we make deductions and then post receipts of transactions after every fixed interval. We also ensure that your customer has the capability of paying their dues by checking their credit risks.

When you choose us for account receivable management services, you can rest assured that your organization is in good hands. We will not only help you with standard factoring receivables but also our industry experts will be there to assist you in decision-making and finalizing the yearly reports.

We also provide a bunch of other services that you can check out, like bookkeeping services, accounting services, self-assessment tax returns, payroll services as well as AP services.

Frequently Asked Questions
Can accounts receivable be outsourced?

Yes, you can easily outsource for accounts receivable services. Accounting Bytes has been the top AR provider since last 12 years in UK, USA, Canada, and even Ireland.

What are GAAP rules for accounts receivable?

When you hire us, you don’t have to worry about the GAAP rules, our experts will take care of everything on their own. But the GAAP rule states that an organization’s AR balance should be stated as “net realizable value”.

Why outsource for accounts receivable services?

When you hire outsourcing companies like Accounting Bytes for accounts receivable services, that give you access to the best in the industry’s guidance as well as advice. Also, your in-house employees get to focus on your organization’s core tasks while we take care of complex tasks like AR, bookkeeping, accounting, etc.

What is an AR management service?

An AR officer, generates invoices, manages customer accounts, and collect payments from customers. They also inform the customers about the deductions and post receipts, our officers even inform them about the deadlines.

How to approach AR service provider?

You can check the websites of these service providers, and navigate to their contact us page. Further, book a consultation with them.