Tax Outsourcing

We have a dedicated tax experts team who are exceptionally efficient in preparing the filings of tax returns for corporations, trusts, and even individuals. To maintain quality checks as well as meet deadlines during the tax season. 

Tax preparations can be quite challenging, therefore, we are always here to help you! Our outsourcing tax department handles the SA 100, SA 800, CT 600, Form 11’s, CT 1, US 1040 & 1120’s, T1, and T2 tax returns. 

At Accounting Byte we work through the detailed checklist provided by the accountancy practices and complete all the tax returns according to it. We offer our clients access to the right processes, and technology to reduce the overall tax liabilities and address operational tax functions for their organization.

Without our encrypted security measures, you can rest assured that your confidential financial information is inherently safe. Our team of experts stays on top of the latest updates on tax regulations and ensures that your returns are always compliant.